Consistent products on demand.

We can peel or not, slice and dice or leave the potatoes whole. We prepare the potato to your precise requirements down to the exact size of the dice or slice.

Our highly technical equipment which allows us to consistently meet stringent customer specifications in an on-demand environment.

Our fresh potatoes have a shelf-life of p+ 5 to 6 days, fully or part cooked. They are packed in our high-care facility and then delivered in 10kg bag or bulk format. Please contact us to discuss other pack sizes.

Pasteurisation extends the shelf-life of our potatoes for up to 28 days. They are prepared to the format that you require and sealed in vacuum packaging. 

Whether you have selected Fresh or Pasteurised potatoes we can cook them to a specified level. This means that our potatoes arrive with customers ready for immediate use or for the final stages of preparation.

By cooking for our customers we can deliver further savings on energy, labour, waste and equipment.

Our raw prepared potatoes come in a number of cuts and formats available for further processing.