Made to individual specifications.

We work across different markets and with individual customers to provide you with a prepared potato product that meets your specifications.

We are the ideal partner for wholesalers and distributors, food manufacturers, food service and local authorities.

Our potatoes can be found in many ready-meals and salads on the retailers’ shelves.

We work directly with food manufacturers to deliver as much or as little of the process as they require. The more that we deliver, the less hassle for the food manufacturer.

Products where our potatoes are used include:

  • Pies with mashed potato topping
  • Fish cakes
  • Soups
  • Potato salads
  • Salads

And many more...

We deliver cooked potato products into any catering environment from hotels, pubs and conference centres to sports stadiums.

Products into the food service sector include:

  • ¼ cut potatoes for roasting
  • Rustic diced potatoes for salad bars

Our products provide the perfect solution for catering kitchens in schools, colleges and other local authority managed locations.

We can supply end products for immediate use and potatoes to add a key ingredient to nutritious meals.