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Who we are

Swancote Foods was established in 1995 after an opportunity was identified for the manufacture of cooked potato ingredients.

In 2007 Greenvale AP, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes acquired Swancote Foods completing their vertically integrated supply chain. The purchase of the business created an opportunity to convert unsuitable retail potatoes into high quality prepared potato ingredients.

What we do

We take raw fresh potatoes and provide you with the product you need.

Whether whole, diced, sliced or ready to mash, we have the potato solution for you. Our objective is to deliver on-demand quality product, zero waste and no hassle.

Potatoes that do not meet the mark for packaged potatoes on retailers’ shelves are used to provide you with the product you need. We focus on the consistency of quality and flavour, through variety choice. We have access to many varieties and work with our customers to find the right variety for your product.

Whether you require fresh or pasteurised potatoes we can cook them to a specified level, from light blanching through to fully cooked and anything in between.

How we do it

From start to finish the potato is handled by us.

We have total confidence in the end product that reaches our customers. On the vast majority of our range we can guarantee 100% UK sourced potato, supplied by Greenvale AP and other UK growers.

Potatoes arriving at Swancote Foods are thoroughly washed before entering high pressure peelers.

Once peeled they are either kept whole or diced and sliced according to your specific requirement. Optical sorters then remove any  blemished products, the potatoes are then cooked or part cooked in either fresh or pasteurised formats.

The finished quality product is then delivered throughout the UK 364 days of the year.

Our responsibilities

As part of Produce Investments, we take the subject of corporate responsibility very seriously and are proud of the way we demonstrate our commitment to the environment, our people and the community.