from seed to table

from seed to table

As part of Greenvale, our unique vertically integrated supply chain, is what sets Swancote apart from the competition.

From start to finish the potato is handled by us – Greenvale’s own farmers through to the processing here at Swancote. This means that we have total confidence in the end product that reaches our customers. It also means that nothing is wasted unless it really cannot be used. A potato that may not meet the mark for packaged potatoes on retailers’ shelves can be used in processing. Shape is not important when the product is being diced and sliced. What is important is the consistency of quality and flavour, the key to which is using the right variety.

All Shapes and sizes

Different shapes, sizes, colours of raw potatoes

Greenvale develop varieties that look and taste good but also ensure environmental sustainability. We have a wide range of world-class exclusive varieties, offering a breadth of choice to growers, customers & consumers.

Supported by the arguably the best potato agronomy team in the UK

crop planning to crop hauling

We can guarantee our customers’ supply of their product for 12 months every year.

We have total control of our raw material which enables us to plan and deliver effectively.

We have three main sources

a.) Greenvale Pre-pack Outgrades – sustaining crop utilisation

b.) Contract-grown crops – grown to our exacting specification

c.) Bought-in material – from Greenvale AP approved growers

The eight month growing cycle to produce these potatoes begins in the Spring and ends in the Autumn.

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Planting: March/ April

this is the start of the potato year for the farmers, with the planting of the seed.

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Growing: April through to September:

all season Greenvale’s experienced team of agronomists support the farmers to ensure quality, whatever the growing conditions.

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Harvesting: September/ October

this is where the hard work comes to fruition during the harvest.

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Grading: September/ October

potatoes are graded as they come in from the fields to guarantee supply of the right material until next year’s harvest.

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Storage: September to the following August

potatoes are then stored throughout the year and used as they are needed.

Quality control

Quality Control

On arrival at the factory, potatoes are assessed for quality before processing to meet customer orders.



Potatoes are cleaned, blemished product removed and kept whole, sliced or diced. The end product can be fresh or pasteurised to meet customer specifications.



The finished quality product is then delivered to our customers 364 days a year across the UK.