We have a wide choice of end products – all potato!

On the vast majority of our range we can guarantee 100% UK sourced potato. Our process provides you with the end product that you need – either to use whole, sliced, diced or to mash. Our objective is to deliver on-demand; quality product, zero waste and no hassle.

Fresh or Pasteurised

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Our Fresh potatoes have a shelf-life of 5 to 6 days, part or fully cooked. They are packed in our high-care facility and then delivered in bulk or 10kg bag format. Pasteurisation extends the shelf-life of our potatoes for up to 28 days. They are washed and prepared to the format that you require and sealed in vacuum packaging.
Available in 10Kg


level of cooking

Whether you have selected Fresh or Pasteurised potatoes we can cook them to a specified level, from light blanching through to fully cooked, with anything in between. This means that the potatoes arrive with customers ready for immediate use or for the final stages of preparation.

Fully Cooked:

Part cooked:

Fully-cooked potatoes can be inserted directly into dishes, such as retail-ready potato salads. Part-cooked product is perfect for any situation where only the final stages of cooking are required i.e within the catering environment.
By cooking for our customers we can deliver further savings on energy, labour, waste and equipment. Contact us to find out how we can make your process even more efficient.



We can peel or not, slice and dice or leave potatoes whole. We can essentially prepare the potato to your precise requirements down to the exact size of the dice or slice. We have highly technical equipment which allows us to consistently meet stringent customer specifications in an on-demand environment – 24 hours a day 6 days a week.



We have access to Greenvale’s pool of diverse varieties for any purpose, including Vales Sovereign, Sylvanna and Jelly. We also continue to use some of the old favourites. For more information click here

  • Maris Piper:
  • an extremely versatile potato which is the choice for around 50% of our output
  • Estima:
  • a core pre-pack potato which is very good for mashing
  • Saxon:
  • a good all-rounder, fit for most purposes
  • Charlotte:
  • the most popular choice for use in premium potato salads due to its excellent storage capability securing year-round availability
  • Maris Peer:
  • this provides a good alternative to Charlotte