Swancote Foods is an allergen free site!

Concerned about allergens?  You’d be nuts not to consider Swancote Foods!

One of the unique selling points of Swancote Foods is our ability to offer allergen free prepared potatoes. However, we have been unable to call our site truly allergen free because we maintained a contingency plan to make raw potatoes, which depended on a sodium metabisulphite dip.

Given the increasing pressure on food manufacturers to reduce allergen use, and after conducting a range review, we have realised that very few of our customers are using (and therefore declaring) sulphites on their products. We have therefore made the decision to retire our raw production line, thus removing all sulphite-containing products from site.

So, as of April 2015, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Swancote Foods is an allergen free site!

Vicky Wadlow

Technical Manager, Swancote Foods


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